EMS spirit Wear
EMS Spirit Wear

We are excited to offer to our families EMS Spirit Wear for the family to enjoy!

We have set up an EMS Spirit Wear Order Form and it is set up in multiple sections (Masks, Youth T-shirts, Youth Hoodies, Adult T-Shirts, and Adult Hoodies).

Once you submit an order an invoice will be emailed to you. Once a payment has been made, the item(s) will be created and delivered to the school. Deliveries are on Friday. You must order by Tuesday to have your items delivered that Friday. We will call you when your item is available for pick up.


  • Masks are $5
  • EMS Youth T-shirt ($12) and EMS Adult T-Shirt ($15)
  • EMS Youth Hoodie ($18) and EMS Adult Hoodie ($22)

* anything over XL is an additional $3

Updated School Board Decision on Re-Entry Plan 2020-2021

On Tuesday, February 23rd, the Kansas City, Kansas School Board voted to bring all students back for in-person learning starting on Monday, April 5th.  In-person learners will attend school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday will be a remote learning day for all learners except for preschool students.  You may remember, back in November the district asked all parents and guardians to make a choice if they wanted their child to go to attend school in a hybrid model or remain remote through the school year.   

Starting February 26th, if you want to change that decision, you will need to take action by contacting us before 4pm on March 3rd.  

  • If you selected for your child to remain remote throughout the 2020-2021 school year, but now want to move to in-person in April, you need to reach out to let us know of your desired change. 
  • If you selected for your child to move to in-person during the 2020-2021 school year, and now you would like your child to remain in the remote learning platform, you need to contact us.  
  • If you did not fill out the needed information earlier, we also need to hear from you or your choice will automatically move to in-person learning.
  • If you made a previous selection and are happy with it, no action is needed (hybrid selection defaults to in-person selection).

Please see the KCKPS District Website for more details.

Grab and Go Lunches
Update: Grab and Go Meals

Beginning December 7, 2020 curbside meals will not be available at Eisenhower Middle School. They will be available for pick up only at the schools designated to the left.

Starting on Monday, February 22nd, the Curbside Grab and Go Meals will move to Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. No meals will be served on Wednesday. Parents who have registered to pick up meals will not need to reapply, there will be no changes to locations of pickup, no changes to the hours of operation.

Please see the KCKPS District Website for more details.

Modified Dress Code 2020-2021

Taking student voice into account and in an effort to reduce costs to parents,
Eisenhower Middle School has modified our student uniform policy for the 2020-2021 school year. Students will be allowed to wear either uniform clothing or regular clothing, but the attire must meet the following dress code guidelines on this document.