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Joseph Jewett

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A Letter from the Principal

Excellence is Required!

Greetings parents, guardians, students, and family members! I would like to take this time to introduce myself and welcome you to a new and exciting year at EMS!

As your new principal, my focus is on our students. I believe all students deserve a quality education, all students deserve a chance, and all students deserve teachers who care about who they are and desire to give them the support and encouragement they need. More important, all students need us as a community; the teachers, parents, community members, coaches, and leaders, to work together for their benefit. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes a community to raise a leader, and leaders are what we desire to produce at Eisenhower Middle School.

This year, we will work to build a community that serves your child and your family. So expect me to reach out and ask for your participation, support, and input. Your presence and support is vital to Eisenhower’s success and I am excited to form a partnership that helps grow EMS into the best school in KCK.

I look forward to working with you and your student(s) this year. It’s going to be fun, challenging, and defining. I know this is the beginning of something great… Our story begins now.

Joey Jewett

School Newsletter – August 2019


Eisenhower Middle School Implements PBIS as Our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support Model.

We are striving towards becoming one of the best middle schools in Kansas City.  As we work towards that goal, we are introducing Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create a positive school environment.  We invite you to follow the link below to learn more about PBIS and to help us create a wonderful place for our students!

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports