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Virtual Student Gallery

Our students are doing some amazing things during remote learning. This page is dedicated to showcasing student work and creations during their classes and clubs/activities.

Student Created Music Compositions

Students created compositions on Song Maker from Chrome Music Lab

Christian Young (8th Grade) transcription of “Red Like Roses (RWBY)” – arr. Jeff Williams
Laurel St. Peter (7th Grade) “Echoed Attack” 
Anthony Ponce-Magana (7th Grade) transcription of “Bluebird” – arr. Ikomono-Gakari
Emmanuel Mercado-Amado (7th Grade) transcription of the “Theme Song” from Super Mario Brothers 
Serena Ford (7th Grade) transcription of “Faded” by Alan Walker
Amaiyah Harlmon (7th Grade) “The Master of Piece
Elizabeth Panama (7th Grade) “Merchant
Hannah Goss (6th Grade) “Happy Day Having Fun
Ava Herr (6th Grade) “Building with Bubble”
Rebekah Par (6th grade) “Frere Jaque Remix

EMS Virtual Art Gallery

Student Created Opera Inspired Music

Click on each students name to hear their opera inspired creations through Blog Operas.

8th Grade

7th Grade

6th Grade

Newspaper Club

During this time, students get to explore Photography, Article writing, and Videography.

Chloe Warren
Chloe Warren
Chloe Warren

Photo by Chloe Warren (7th Grade)

Photo by Chloe Warren (7th Grade)

Photo by Chloe Warren (7th Grade)

Flor Herrera (7th Grade)
Lilanna Portillo
Flor Herrera

Photo by Flor Herrera (8th Grade)

Photo by Lilanna Portillo (6th Grade)

Photo by Flor Herrera (8th Grade)

Flipgrid Superstars

Flipgrid Icon

Through remote learning, many of our teachers have utilized Flipgrid as a way for students to showcase their learning. Here are a few of the amazing examples of students going above and beyond.

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