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Joseph Jewett

A Letter from the Principal

As the administrative team at Eisenhower Middle School, we are delighted and honored to serve your students this upcoming year. We know that remote teaching and learning is very different from what all of us are used to, but we know that together, we can make it through this and come out the other side.

From our side, all staff are planning and meeting to determine the best way to support your family and your student. Our Student Support Team is gathering resources and making community connections to support your family during this time; our teachers are diving into their curriculum (Math, ELA, and Science have new resources!) to support your child academically, and we are all working to ensure our Mission and Vision at EMS are still achieved.

We know there will be some bumps in the road this year, but we’re ready to face them with you and for you. We ask for grace, but we also ask that you hold us accountable to meeting your child’s individual needs; we ask for your support, but we also know and understand that we are responsible for your child’s education. We won’t let ourselves or anyone without our building escape the responsibility of fostering your child’s academic success.

So whether it is a change in district leadership, a pandemic, social injustice, or a rainy day, we know that we will get through and come out better on the other side. Because Kansas City, KS did not become the city it is by giving up when change occurs. It became the great city it is because of the heart and soul of its people, working together to make the lives of everyone a better place. I hope that as we go through this year, you’ll partner with us the way the city has partnered together, to give your child the education they deserve.

Joey Jewett

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